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silent disco magdalena bibik-westerlund

Silent Disco: I was 30 years ahead of my time.

This morning, I stumbled over an article about Silent Disco (in Swedish – please use Google Translate), a new concept for conferences and events, where people rent LED earphones with three pre programmed channels which makes it possible for guests to listen to different music at the same party. (Silent Disco Sweden) The funny thing… I was 30 years ahead of my time and did ...
gary john bishop magdalena bibik-westerlund

Why you should listen to Gary John Bishop

I am sure that you all have people who make you better. Everyone from your nearest and dearest to someone you’ve never met – who just say the right thing at the right time to push you in the right direction. Some people are brilliant at doing just that. Gary John Bishop is one of them.  I have never met him in person, but have been following him online for some time now, after ...
crazy dog lady magdalena bibik-westerlund

Introducing… Crazy Dog Lady Club!

Since the day we adopted Zumo, I have had this idea in my head – a community for dog lovers with special focus on rescue dogs. Let me introduce… Crazy Dog Lady Club!  What is Crazy Dog Lady Club?  It’s the home of the Crazy Dog Lady Podcast, but not just that. It’s a magazine where I collect interesting content from around the world. I recommend blogs, podcasts, shops, ...
crazy dog lady podcast magdalena bibik-westerlund

Crazy Dog Lady Podcast #16: Convos for Canines

In this episode, I have the pleasure to talk to Joanne Wetzel from Convos for Canines. I first discovered Joanne on Instagram and got inspired by her dedication for rescue dogs in North Carolina – so I felt the need to reach out. And I am so glad that I did! Her work is more than awesome! In a short amount of time, she has launched a website, a blog, a shop, and a ...
CGD London Getting Stuff Done Planner Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund

Best planner I’ve ever had!

You may or may not know this about me, but if you say words like: planner, productivity, to do app, goal setting – you have my full attention. I am all for efficiency and making yourself better in any possible way. So let me now share with you the best daily planner I’ve ever tested:  GETTING STUFF DONE from CGD London CGD stands for Career Girl Daily, and was founded in 2014. I ...
Stockholm Comedy Club Casino Cosmopol

Stockholm Comedy Club @ Casino Cosmopol

Big news! Stockholm Comedy Club has signed a cooperation agreement with Casino Cosmopol! We are absolutely thrilled! The show on March 14th is in English and tickets can be found HERE. The rest of the shows are in Swedish. P.S. To enter to the casino you have to be 20 years or older – and you myst bring a valid ID with you. 
magdalena bibik-westerlund kill your darlings

Kill your darlings.

Kill your darlings – one of the most important – and difficult – pieces of advice there is. So true and yet so difficult to live by. I try my hardest to practice what I preach, but must admit that even I fail sometimes. Why is that?  Generally, we tend to focus on projects we are most passionate about – both privately and professionally. Sometimes we are so eager to do ...
Conor McGregor psychopath Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund

Conor McGregor – the Perfect Psychopath

(at the time of writing I am just waiting for the press conference after UFC 229 Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov. Something happened tonight at the event. No spoilers here at this point, but I will probably be updating this post later in the afternoon with my take on the upcoming result) For those of you who don’t know that, I am a huge MMA fan. Once in a while, I turn my day ...
Norrtälje Comedy Club Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund

Hej Norrtälje Comedy Club!

(short summary in English below)  Redan i flyttbilen från Farsta till Skebo föddes tanken på en verksamhet i Norrtälje – och nu har tanken blivit verklighet. Den 3 november är det dags för premiär för Norrtälje Comedy Club på Gamla Stadshotellet på Lilla Torg 4 i samarbete med Åtellet. Helt rätt utveckling för oss som nu bara jobbar och alltså inte bor i stan. Och som tycker att Norrtälje ...
Crazy Dog Lady Podcast Julia Jensen

Crazy Dog Lady Podcast #13: Julia Jensen – The Dogmother of Poland

In this episode of Crazy Dog Lady Podcast, I talk to my cousin and fellow dog lover, Julia Jensen, who is the founder of a Polish animal charity initiative Bądź Aniołem dla Zwierząt. Check it out here: We talk about how the idea was born (it started with PETA’s Be an Angel to a Dog), what life looks like for stray dogs in Poland and the best ...