One of the most important aspects of my personal and professional development was having Business Mentors. People who would hold my hand when needed, but also ask the toughest questions and made me fight hard to justify “the best idea ever”. Without them, I would not be the business woman I am today. So now I want to help you succeed in your business and become your Business Mentor!


This is how it works.

You might need to see me once to brainstorm an idea, or you might need me once a week to be with you every step of the way in your startup – and everything in between. I will help you to clarify your vision and package your services and products. I will teach you what you can charge, where to find your clients and how to attract their attention. I will give you a creative mindset so that you can stand out from your competition.
P.S. You are doing the job. I am just by your side pushing you (and sometimes pushing the breaks as well….)
I charge either by the hour (1900 kr exkl moms = appr 190 EUR excl VAT) or I will partner up with you for long term.
Here are some words by one of my mentors:
I have worked with Magdalena on a number of occasions and she is a brilliant entrepreneur with her unique passion for business. She is curious, fun to work with, always one step ahead with her bright ideas. I admire that she has the courage to also put them into action. Magdalena has a unique mindset and I would be delighted and proud to work with her on any project.
– Per Frykman, founder of Reputation Mastery
And some from a mentee:
You should always have people that inspire you and push you to go forward in your life. This woman did exactly that. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t been able to do what I do now in Stand up Comedy. She’s the coolest, tuffest and kindest CEO I know.
– Linda Gerstenmayer, comedian, actress, entrepreneur.