My life is not complete without a dog. Every dog lover will understand. Adopting a dog and giving him a second chance in life is the highest level of passion for dogs, I think. That’s why we welcomed Zumo to our lives in July of 2017 (from Hundar Utan Hem, a Swedish charity that rescues homeless dogs from Ireland).

I do what I do best to help out, so we host an annual charity gala, Guldtassen, I also started Crazy Dog Lady podcast, focusing on rescue dogs. Episodes are both in Swedish and English and available on all major podcast platforms. Please listen and share with those who are thinking about adopting a dog.

In November 2018, I launched Crazy Dog Lady Club – a community which will hopefully inspire more people to get involved in saving rescue dogs. Obviously, both men and women are welcome, but the Marketing person in me could not pass on that name… The community is still in it’s very beginning, and I am excited about how fast it can grow to something really powerful.

Follow Zumo’s adventures here.