I have the pleasure to teach Entrepreneurshop, Sales, Branding and Social Media at Axelsons Gymnastiska Insitut. In my signature Keynote, I will teach you:

  • how to kickstart your new career as Wellness Consultant, PT, Massage Therapist, Spa Therapist etc. Check out all the courses here (in Swedish)
  • how to find the right services for your target audience
  • how to optimize your pricing
  • how to find your USP and stand out among your competitors
  • how to make sure that your branding reasons with your core values and your vision
  • to think like a creative mastermind
If you are thinking about new career in wellness, then Axelsons is the place for you! Plus… it’s the ONLY place where I teach.
Here is a fun article from Friskvårdsmagasinet, Axelson’s own magazine. (In Swedish)

Friskvårdskonsulter utanför boxen

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