A much needed upgrade

End of an era! My MacBook Air is retired. I had bought it from my former mentor back in… 2015? It was like buying a car from an old lady, it was so well taken care of. The smallest RAM and the smallest size of an MacBook Air, and I used it as it was the toughest MacBook Pro out there! I am impressed that it lasted this long (I had packed it with the full Adobe package, Icamm, Garage Band etc)

So last week I got a new MacBook Pro. Not the very latest model (I didn’t want the touch bar) so I got it for a decent price. I was thinking of getting a used model, but at the end of the day I went for a brand new. Space grey 13”. Not a day too late!

The Air is still working, but is very very very slow. My ambition was to have it as an “e-mail laptop” at home and not bring the Pro home. Well… that lasted four days. But for what it’s worth, the new laptop is much faster, so my work doesn’t tale as much time anymore.

Once you go Mac, you never go back – right?