A September to remember!

I call September of 2019 “the month of Firsts”. I can not remember last time we had so many new things happening over such a short period of time. Looking back at it, I am impressed that we pulled it all off!

First, we moved our office to Norrtälje – maybe the best decision of this year (after working from home since 2016).

Then, we kick started the Comedy Weekend #1 at First Hotel Norrtull (read more here).

We went to Poland to visit my family and came back with a graphic designer – I hired my little sister as a graphic freelancer at Creativity House and I’m telling you – she is FAB!

We launched Creative Business Thinking Masterclass! THAT IS A FREAKING BIG DEAL! The course – that will take your Creative Business Thinking to the next level – is only open for sign-up until October 3rd 7 PM. Check it out here before it’s too late.

I got my own radio show at Radio Roslagen on Thursdays at 5 PM, but Janne and I were also asked to do the morning show on Tuesday mornings 8-10! If someone said to me a few months ago that I would be doing 3 hours LIVE radio a week, I would not believe them.

And now to the real challenge! (as if this was not enough!). I picked up on my Polish speaking skills and yesterday, on the last day of this “September to Remember”, I GAVE A KEYNOTE IN POLISH! Not just a random keynote, but an “Idea Lab” workshop! How about that!? =) I am waiting for some photos, in the meantime here is a snapshot of me just after:

Mateusz (Broniarek) is almost totally responsible for my newly reborn Polish, so thank you for that!

The highlight of the month: meeting these 2: Marcin Osman & Kamila Kruk.

If you haven’t read about it yet – check it out here.

This was quite a month! But the funny thing is – what your work days (weeks) look like is totally up to you. If you let it, such an exciting month could actually be… the new normal. I live by a quote:

You only get what you CAN handle.

That goes for the bad stuff, but ALSO for the good. Yes, this was a very packed month with premieres, keynotes, travel, launches etc. But this is my work. October may be not AS spectacular, but it’s sure filled with cool stuff.

First ut: cart closing of Creative Business Thinking Masterclass and…. the launch if Idea Lab in English.

(cover photo: Nadja Sjöström)

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