App Store turns 10!

app store 10 years magdalena bibik-westerlund

Meanwhile I am counting down to my 40th (Aug 10), Apple’s App Store turns 10 today! Regardless of what you think about apps in general, whether you are an iPhone person or an Android enthusiast, I bet that you agree with the statement that the App Store has changed the way we live our every day lives. HERE is the company’s own press release about the anniversary.

My relationship with Apple started back in… 2009 and an iPhone 3 (which I still see as the most beautiful phone ever made, I don’t know if it’s for a fact or more like a “first love”-kind of feeling). I remember grabbing it the week it was released in Sweden, similar to my iPad shopping a few years later. And you know what they say: once you go Mac, you never go back, so I’ve been working on an Apple computer since 2010. I wish that I could remember the very first app I downloaded, but unfortunately, I don’t. However, here is my tribute to App Store – a list of apps that are, in any way or another, special to me:


The apps I use the most today:

This is the very first page of my iPhone 6 (probably at the end if it’s career, it has served me well for the past 3 years…)

app store 10 years magdalena bibik-westerlund


The best Social Media planning tool: Later

The app that’s keeping our webshop together: Shopify

The best ever notes app that I have been using for over 7 years: Evernote

The Rolls Royce of planning and project management, the app that I rely on the most: Airtable

The crazy minimalist favorite app: Stylebook (as of today, my streak is 855 days)

The most creative task list for the busy bee who always tends to book too much in a day: ToRound


Let’s talk about those Social Media apps:

The social media app I use the most: Instagram

The ongoing love-hate-relationship: Facebook

The one I never can motivate myself to use: Snapchat

The one I need to learn all about as soon as I have the time: Pinterest


And finally these:

The app I am really grateful for: First Vet (spares your dog the stress of going to the vet if you don’t have to. I have used it twice and non of the times a physical visit would be necessary)

The latest downloaded app: Yasha grocery shopping list

The best photo editing app: Adobe Photoshop Express

The only two games I play on my phone: 2048 and 1010!


Åsa Wallenrud and I have done 2 episodes of Creativity House Podcast where we talk about apps. In Swedish, but here they are:


Thank you App Store for the creativity, the tools, the fun and the challenges. Maybe we’ll see each other on the other side one day, creating my own app is still on my bucket list!

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