Attract and repel

Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund

For a long time I thought I got it all wrong creating content that was not “for evryone”. I would laugh at “You can’t please everyone, you are not Nutella” – posts on Instagram, but would stop at that and not make much more of it. Until now. When I heard a term “Attract and repel” and it all fell into place.

You see, when you try to please everyone with your message, you will ending up pleasing noone. And trying to speak to a broad mass will only make it harder for you to reach your target market – and your customer. I mean, at the end of the day you do want to gain something from your content, don’t you? There is a revenue on the horizon and unless you ARE Nutella, you should think long and hard about who you are selling to.

So don’t be afraid to attract those who will buy what you are offering, risking to repel everyone else. That’s OK, they aren’t here for the right reasons anyway (the Bachelorette season – my guilty pleasure – has started, hence the lingo!).

Image: Knut Koivisto.