Best planner I’ve ever had!

CGD London Getting Stuff Done Planner Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund

You may or may not know this about me, but if you say words like: planner, productivity, to do app, goal setting – you have my full attention. I am all for efficiency and making yourself better in any possible way. So let me now share with you the best daily planner I’ve ever tested: 


CGD stands for Career Girl Daily, and was founded in 2014. I just recently discovered it thanks to those (sometimes annoying and sometimes amazing) sponsored posts on Instagram. THANK YOU algorithm! At the time of discovery I was back with Moleskine but felt that something was missing. I needed a planner that was both a calendar and a daily to do list. 

The best thing about the Getting Stuff Done planner is that it has – for me – just the right amount of columns to fill in. And it focuses on just the right stuff. Each day you can track you To Do:s, your food, expenses, exercise, self care, water and some personal notes. And that’s it! I remember using both Passion Planner (which has been my favorite for years) and Full Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt (used it for 6 months = 2 full planners), but they had too much for my taste, in terms of goals, private notes, gratitude rituals etc. I am a little more pragmatic and the CGD book is on the spot what I need. And I love the fact that one planner lasts almost 6 months. Plus… you can use fountain pen and it doesn’t go through the paper! Love it! 

I just ordered my next CGD Planner, this time in pink (edgy! Check it out here!)  but also the Goals Diary and the Fit is The Sh*t Planner for next year. I figured that if I love one tool so much, I will probably enjoy the rest of them as well. 

If you are a planner lover – you need to check out CGD London!

This is not by any means a sponsored post – I gladly paid for the planners, and would pay double if I had to – they are so awesome!  

CGD London Getting Stuff Done Planner Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund