Why you should change to do apps from time to time.

Easter is here, and for many of us a few days of reflection or… catching up on our to do list. IF you can take some time off your busy schedule, consider switching to a new task management app in the upcoming days. Here is why:

  • If you have had the same to do app for a long time, I bet there are tons of tasks or ideas that you have once written down but haven’t followed up since. Those “non important non urgent” things that, even if you don’t look at them actively, are indicated by the vicious number on the app icon. And seeing them every day isn’t exactly relaxing, now, is it?
  • If a productivity app doesn’t motivate you to be more productive, then you should probably change. If you start you morning by thinking “oh no” when looking at the task list of the day, then the tool is not working for you.
  • If you decide to change to another to do list app and you find yourself thinking that you just don’t have the energy to write down all the old tasks in the new app, maybe… just maybe… they don’t need to get done at all. Wver.

And THAT is the secret.

We are task horders because vast majority of us (me included) has learned to think that having an overwhelming to do list makes us busy and important. We couldn’t be more wrong – having hundreds of tasks stresses us out so much so that we can’t see the wood for the trees! Would you agree? I know that it’s quite a journey to change mindset and I am also struggling with it, but I am getting there. And I hope that you will too. And that you also will have the guts to say no to those non important non urgent things that you once said yes to.

Personally, I am still in the process of switching from Meistertask to Airtable – and all tasks that are not transcribed by Easter Monday will be deleted. How fun is that?


P.S. Here are some good options for To Do apps:




AirTable – my current tool