Constant value adding.

Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund

Ok, so I spent my Saturday watching Creative LIVE 30 Days of Genius with Chase Jarvis – talk about quality time. Both Janne and I watched the interview with Seth Godin and that made me decide to reopen this blog and try to give you daily value on creative business thinking and some food for thought. I will try to balance what the audience wants to read vs what needs to be said. Let’s hope I get it right from the start. Otherwise – tell me!

There is a well functioning blog on Creativity House, but that one focuses more on what we do at the agency. This one is, as it was before, pure Magdalena-esk.

P.S. The videos in the link are free to watch on YouTube. But I’m telling you, the Creator Pass is really worth the money! I have one and I just recently gave one away to a person that is important to me.

So… I am back and I hope that you are.

This photo is btw taken by another genius, Knut Koivisto.