Crazy Dog Lady: now in English on

Big milestone in the life of Crazy Dog Lady podcast: first episode in English is out! 

I have been “saving myself” for the very special guests: Martina, Maria and Emily O Mahony from CARE Rescue Cork, whom I had the pleasure to have in my own kitchen in Skebobruk! (For you who don’t know, Zumo came from CARE!!)

crazy dog lady podcast magdalena bibik-westerlund

We talked about how it all started 2,5 years ago with just one dog – to today, with over 40 dogs in the rescue at the same time. We also chatted about the situation for dogs in Ireland in general, because I know that the listeners want to know more about that. And all about the naming of the dogs! Here is the episode:

As you may have noticed, I moved Crazy Dog Lady from Podbean to – after some research and advice from Åsa Wallenrud (she knows her stuff!!!) I switched all the episodes yesterday. Enjoy! At the moment HERE, but in a few days on all existing podcast platforms! Isn’t that awesome?!

For the Swedish listeners: don’t worry! We are not switching a 100% to English, but we will add English episodes here and there. On the website, it’s really easy to see. After the episode number you’ll see either (SWE) or (ENG). 

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