Crazy Dog Lady Podcast #13: Julia Jensen – The Dogmother of Poland

Crazy Dog Lady Podcast Julia Jensen

In this episode of Crazy Dog Lady Podcast, I talk to my cousin and fellow dog lover, Julia Jensen, who is the founder of a Polish animal charity initiative Bądź Aniołem dla Zwierząt. Check it out here:

We talk about how the idea was born (it started with PETA’s Be an Angel to a Dog), what life looks like for stray dogs in Poland and the best strategy for involving people in a good cause. We travel back to our childhood and how we were always surrounded by animals. At the end of the episode I share one of my most embarrassing moments from my past. I loved making this episode!

Available on most platforms, or you can just listen to it here: 

If you want to support Julia’s cause, make sure to use #badzaniolemdlazwierzat – and don’t miss a contest on Instagram at that ends October 4th.

Photo: Mickey Wyrozębski

The most amazing thing about doing the Crazy Dog Lady podcast is that it gives results in terms of dogs getting new homes. I know that if we just helped one dog to adoption, that would be enough. But we want to do so much more. On October 4th, we raise awareness for animals with  International Animal Day, but for us animal lovers EVERY DAY is animal day! 

(at the time of writing this, Zumo, my rescue doberman is chilling on the sofa, without a worry in the world. Life as it should be. Thanks for all the support so far with Crazy Dog Lady Podcast! You are all angels!)