Creativity House is officially open!

I am sorry for my absence here for the past week, but i have been busy launching a new project that is really close to my heart! My very own creative agency!

For a few years now I have been coaching people in creative business thinking and teaching entrepreneurship, so it was only fair for me to package it into solid services and products – clear the message, if you wish. I am very very proud with the result and would be thrilled if you wanted to check it out:

So: business coaching, graphic design, website design and creative portraits. All of it Bibik-style. This shall be fun! As a matter of fact, I launched on Monday and first project (a website) is already delivered to the client.

My work at both House of Comedy and Axelsons is business as usual, and – believe it or not – I do have some time on my hands to put into creative projects.

So… if I can help YOU with some creative business thinking, drop me an e-mail at