What I dream about in my daily professional life.

magdalena bibik-westerlund professional life

Is your professional life just as you want it? Do you have time for all your tasks and are they done in the right order? Are you a jour with your e-mail inbox and can you just put it all away whenever you so desire?

I bet that the answer is NO to at least one of the questions above. Welcome to an Entrepreneur’s reality. It ain’t all roses.

In a couple of weeks (2 weeks exactly at the time of writing) I will be turning 40, and it’s only natural to evaluate your daily routine. I have given myself the time until August 10th to actually clear out all unnecessary clutter that has been lying everywhere at the desk and in the clouds. My dream is to have zero old tasks on the to do list on August 10.

I would love to become a person who actually can give a same day reply to e-mails and who has the time to read all those inspiring articles that pop into my mailbox every morning. Or to innovate one day a week. And who closes the office for the night with more or less inbox zero. For that I need to be a little harder on myself when it comes to being constantly online and… multitasking. And i need to face my online time consumers.

So I am trying to get off social media and only use scheduling tools (has it ever happened to you that you actually went on social media, posted whatever there was to post and then left? Me neither.) Plus, I will start turning off my phone when I’m working with things that don’t need access. I am trying to remove one app a day that doesn’t serve me. And stop putting all the e-mails that are the least bit interesting in the “Read” – inbox. Daily declutter and daily minimalism to the people!

What do you dream to happen in your daily professional life? What are you doing to get there? Let me know!