Deliver on expectations.

expectations magdalena bibik-westerlund

My main business model includes a person on stage – and an audience. It’s either me teaching or giving talks on Entrepreneurship or a comic performing at one of our clubs. For all those situations there is an expectation on what you as an audience are gonna get.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for overdelivering on quality. But I am also a hundred percent determined that you should deliver what you advertise when it comes to content. Example: if I buy a ticket to see my favorite keynote speaker/artist/comic/you name it, I would not be super excited if someone else popped by in stage (big surprise or not) to steal time from my superstar (or from me, depending on how your see it). Or if I went to the movies to see an action film and a rom com started playing (even if it would be the best rom com in the world!) At this point, it’s not about quality, it’s about me getting what I came for.

It is perfectly OK to communicate with your audience IN ADVANCE and inform that, by the way, there will be “a bonus” happening during the event. But recently, I found myself in a situation where an activity turned out to be something else in disguise and I didn’t like that. There was nothing wrong with the content. The fault was performing something that did’t align with the commercial that got us there.

If you are aiming to build customer/consumer loyalty – make sure to first and foremost meet the content expectations. And, as a bonus, overdeliver on value.

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