Don’t let your feelings run your business.

There is a reason why the term “it’s not personal – it’s just business” exists. The more you can put your feelings aside while operating your company, the wiser decisions you are going to make. I don’t mean like becoming a robot, I mean not letting anger, frustration, disappointment or euphoria (yes, that too!) get to you. It’s not easy, but it’s really simple (remember?)

I struggle as well! Last week an employee’s decision to cancel her gigs with us really upset me. It ruined not only my mood but also affected my work day and I am glad that I decided not to make any major decision that afternoon. Instead I spent the evening listening to Mel Robbins on Creative LIVE and taking those wise words in:

Feeling is normal. What you do next is a choice.

– Mel Robbins

As long as you work with people, feelings will be involved. That’s fine. Go and feel those feelings. But don’t act on them – at least not professionally. If you are having trouble putting your feelings aside = practice! I do it every single day. Today we had another unpleasant incident. Didn’t bother me a bit.