To some of you hard working Entrepreneurs out there, this might be provocative, but please hear me out. I am one of those people who work from the minute they open their eyes, until it’s time for bed. And the problem is…. we don’t see it as a problem. Which it is. No matter how productive and creative we are, no matter the awesome feeling of being “on fire” – you need time off. I absolutely love what I do, I am sure more of you are like me. An Entrepreneur is a master of justifying “one more thing” at the office, before calling it a day. Not many things come between us and that passion for building an empire.Unless you are a dog lover.

You see, it’s easy to give a rational explanation to a human, but taking care of a dog is a “no excuses” kind of lifestyle. Having the responsibility for a pet in general, and a dog in particular means having your priorities unconditionally straight. But just having any dog won’t do the trick. A beautiful little Bichon Havanais will keep itself busy on a little area of your office and won’t mind whatever you are doing (well, maybe). An English Bulldog, regardless of how awesome they are (I love them) will probably rather chill on your couch than challenge you. That’s why I think that every Entrepreneur needs a high activity level dog –  one that demands a few hours of movement and training every day.

Why? Taking care of an active dog demands continuity, routines and discipline (fantastic!!). It forces you to focus on the most important tasks and optimize your time because time is an issue (yay!). Plus, it gives you the highly desirable work-life-balance/blend (who doesn’t want that?). As the cherry on top, you will probably get in the best physical shape of your life.

Because an Entrepreneur has this “all in commitment” – attitude towards work and life, he or she would make an optimal dog owner. And since most of the Entrepreneurs make their own rules as to where the dog is allowed or not, the dog of a loving Entrepreneur will have an absolutely awesome life.

Meet Zumo, a rescue dog that we adopted in the end of July 2017. You can follow his adventures here.