Epic weekend at Axelsons.

Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund Axelsons Institute

Last weekend I got to teach a total of 12 hours of Business and Entrepreneurship at Axelsons Institute. “Got to”, since I think that this is the most awesome teaching gig ever and I am grateful to be able to do this on regular basis. This weekend was nothing short of EPIC!

First, I met a small group of future SPA therapists for the first time. The smaller the group, the most exclusive the keynote. I mean, with fewer students we can really dig deep into their individual stories. Then, I had a class of future Yoga teachers. That one I was a little bit concerned about, since I have taken exactly 3 (!!!) yoga classes in my life and actually use to describe myself as “I am zero percent yoga, I have a black doberman”. But instead of trying to fake yoga knowledge, I confessed that I am not in this community and the rest was just pure magic! We created brands that will be registered soon (perhaps they already are!), and I’m telling you – those yoga students will be superstar before you know it.

Last but not least I had my awesome group of future Health Coaches. And the funny thing is… the more you know each other, the higher the level of expectations etc. Honey moon is over, now it’s tough love and leveling up. I loved every minute of it!

Filming video introductions.

This time it was all about the nitty gritty in branding and business. Advanced Entrepreneurship, as I call it. They graduate in one month and my job is to have them ready for what may come.

Did I mention that I love this gig? Haha, I might.