First Hotel Norrtull – the business partner I’ve been waiting for.

We are back from our 2nd Comedy Weekend #1 at First Hotel Norrtull – and I am so happy about this collaboration! This is the partner I have been waiting for and hoping for.

I have been involved in the comedy business for about 4 or 5 years now (time flies so fast, it’s scary) and for the first time we have a partner I am really excited about.

We were on the right track for a short while once before, with a group of people lead by the awesome Karla Moos (shout out to you, honey!) but due to circumstances outside of everyone’s control, we were not able to continue this partnership. Apart from that, I am sorry, but all our previous venues in Stockholm, during my time with the company, were… poor (I wrote some more accurate words here at first but deleted them and replaced with the more diplomatic “poor”, because on this blog it’s more love than trash talk – which brings us to….)

The fabulous, wonderful, awesomely professional and fun to work with First Hotel Norrtull! I mean, this is next level for us in every aspect of the work. People at First are driven, creative, likeable, humble, funny (add your favorite positive adjective and I assure you that it fits in). And the best part about the whole collab is that:

we are sharing the same goals! We are on the same path!

It’s fantastic and something I am definitely not used to. Our former venues wanted the piece of the income but were not keen on actually hosting us and providing us with stuff we needed. I am not talking loge raiders, I am talking… stage lights.

I can’t wait to be back on October 4th. I absolutely love it there! (And our artists love it just as much. And, for what it’s worth, the doggy as well.)