Happy Birthday Martyna!

In Swedish and Polish we say “congratulations”. So “congratulations for your birthday” Sis! But really… to be honest, congratulation to Creativity House.

Let me explain! In September Janne and I visited my family in Poland (read more here) and something really cool happened. My little step sister tells me over a glass of Cava at the Opera House in Bialystok (my hometown) that she is mastering graphic design just for fun! Because she enjoys it!

If you follow Creativity House and House of Comedy, then you understand that graphic design is THE thing that takes us the most time and is the thing we need the most help with! Said and done – we snatched her there and then and made her part of our team. She has been doing the light boards for comedy show ever since and is pretty much responsible for every piece of content that will go out from Creativity House Academy in Polish. I am thrilled!

Happy Birthday! You’re awesome!