Home Office 2.0

I have been working from home for many years. First at Gävlegatan in Stockholm, then in Farsta and now in Skebobruk. Since September this year we have this lovely little office in the heart of Norrtälje (we as in House of Comedy Nordic (Janne) and Creativity House (myself)) but I have realized that I do my very best work sitting at a desk in my home office. Plus, since we started renting Källgränd 10, I have spent way to little time in our beautiful house. I simply miss it! So… I am moving Creativity House bizz back to Skebobruk (and some cool things are about to happen at the Norrtälje office).

Yesterday, we started working on “Home Office 2.0”

Actually almost done. On Monday a new desk will arrive (glas table is not optimal when you share it with a Doberman), and then all remaining things need to get back home (more – lots more – books, some photo equipment etc). This is the place for the upcoming book, for YouTube, podcasts and online courses. I am really excited about this!

From January 1st I will be focusing majority of my time on Creativity House (the lady managing 4 businesses will now have only 1 – how about that!) And I guess that it’s just about right to have a private place to focus (I need peace and quiet to work). I actually think it turned out great!

Things to think about if you consider working from home:

  • Chill! Don’t listen to everyone else’s opinions. If it feels right to you, it is right. I bet that you have heard that “it’s impossible to focus due to all chores such as dishes” or that “people who work from home don’t work as hard”… If you during your break (which you should take throughout the day) choose to do some laundry – good for you! Efficient AF, wouldn’t you agree?

    If you are like me and doing your best work from home – then work from home! The result is the only thing that matters, not the amount of hours you put in or when during the day (or night) you work. I personally am a night owl and produce my best stuff around 11 PM.

  • 10 minute cleanup! We all have things we don’t want to do. Things that bother or annoy us. IF getting rid of those things would help you maintain your focus during the day – start by checking them off your list.

    You’d be surprised how much you can get done in just 1o minutes (although you need to put away your phone, unless the 10 minutes is all about THAT phone call that you have to make). But if the pile of laundry will be in the corner if your eye for the entire day, start by folding it!

    I talk much more about the 10 minute clean up – and other productivity tips in the new Creative Business Thinking 365 Planner – download it FOR FREE at  https://creativity.house/planner

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