The most important task for an Influencer: Crowd Control.

influencer crowd control magdalena bibik-westerlund

If your favorite Influencer asked you for a favor, would you do it?

For the last week, a major online hatred has been going on, initiated by an Influencer beloved and trusted by the people of Sweden. We (as in Stockholm Comedy Club, and my family) have been deeply affected by it, as we got both life threats and wishes “that my children would get raped” (Sweden 2018 – unbelievable!) Once she started this “project”, as I have chosen to call it, another enthusiast jumped onboard and mobilized his supporters to tag along and take action.

You see, here is where the problem begins.


the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.
For those of you who need a crash course in rhetoric: an Influencer makes you do stuff! And suddenly I appreciate all those Influencers who make me click Like on their #ootd or buy a Daniel Wellington watch. Because they are harmless. Worse are those who use their crowd to fight for the causes they care about. Using all means possible without thinking about the consequences. Cheering from aside. Because all is fair in love and war, right?
Well, wrong. Threatening people is illegal, even if it’s in the name of an initially positive cause. Someone handed me a name for it over the last few days: “the good hate”. I am sure that the people who started it all were not aware of the level this would get, but the dangerous thing about the good hate is that it feeds creativity. People do whatever.
What happens is that when your beloved Influencer asks you for a favor, you jump out of your own skin to please. Especially if he sits behind his computer and cheers on those who “help out”. Put this situation in your own context and imagine how it would feel to be publicly acknowledged by your Idol on Social Media? I know that I would probably have this print screen as my background for years to come. So I’d put in more effort than the next girl and do something even more ambitious (and questionable?) so that I would get a bigger thumbs up. Leaving my brains somewhere along the way. For my life, I would never follow those types of people – they are dangerous. (My worst Influencer initiated “crime” would be buying a bag or a pair of shoes, that is not illegal.)
An Influencer’s most important task and first priority is not the quality of the photos, or the posting schedule, or the latest Instagram knowledge, it’s crowd control. Because being an Influencer makes you responsible for the harm your content causes. People will try to give you what you ask for no matter what, even if it means stretching both law and morals and values. If you are not prepared for this part of the job, then you should step down from your post.
For names and details, go to Stockholm Comedy Club Instagram @stockholmcomedyclub and read the comments.