Last night we went to see ”Joker”. This was actually our second attempt to see this film – I had booked VIP seats at Rigoletto in Stockholm last Saturday, but… first, there was sound but no sharp picture, then the quality of the picture was fine but the sound was missing… Since we had a show to produce, we couldn’t wait for the third restart of the film so we went yesterday instead.

If you haven’t seen it yet = book your tickets NOW! I really mean it, this movie is absolutely amazing! And I am officially a super fan of Joaquin Phoenix! It feels like I want to see all movies he has done (I have seen the “big ones” but not those smaller independent movies… yet).

I am not going to spoil the movie for you, all I’m gonna say is it went straight in on #2 of the best movies I have ever watched – how about that!

The best movie I’ve ever seen… “The Shining”. “Joker” is just one tiny step behind! Oscar prediction you guys! If Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t get an Oscar, I would be VERY surprised!