Kill your darlings.

magdalena bibik-westerlund kill your darlings

Kill your darlings – one of the most important – and difficult – pieces of advice there is. So true and yet so difficult to live by. I try my hardest to practice what I preach, but must admit that even I fail sometimes. Why is that? 

Generally, we tend to focus on projects we are most passionate about – both privately and professionally. Sometimes we are so eager to do our thing that we forget to ask if the market is ready to buy it from us. Suddenly we are blind and deaf to signals – or lack of interest – that should tell us straight away if we need to make some changes. 

At Stockholm Comedy Club we are planing our spring season and have some fantastic news coming soon. At the same time, we are evaluating our existing shows and products to see which ones to keep and which ones to loose. Are some of them generating more work than reward? Maybe. Do we love them? Absolutely! Are they worth tre trouble? TBD.

For years, I have been experimenting with my social media (mostly my Instagram) to see what kinds of posts get the most likes and comments. And  I am sorry to say that the posts I like the most are those that get the least attention. So the million dollar question is: should I listen to my readers or do something that sparks my heart? The answer is probably: find a match. Don’t give up your idea entirely for the sake of the receiver, but don’t try to sell something that nobody wants to buy. 

It’s OK to do stuff without getting the desired ROI if they are pure pleasure or if they teach you things useful for future projects. But if the default status is that you have to hustle without getting properly paid for it, you definitely need to kill your darlings at some point.