Luck has nothing to do with it.

Has someone ever told you how much luck you have with everything you do? That things come so easy for you? Or something similar… Every time I get a comment like that, I have a difficulty containing myself. If they only knew (or had the energy to see) how much work that is behind all the successes!

At House of Comedy we are looking forward to a fun season. We continue with our success concept Female Friday, we have signed a deal with Casino Cosmopol and started Stockholm’s (Sweden’s?) only dog friendly standup comedy club at Fröjdas (at this moment only in Swedish). My creative agency launches next week and I keep teaching at Axelsons. Crazy Dog Lady podcast is popular among listeners and the magazine has quite a number of readers.

Luck has NOTHING to do with it.

A part of me thinks that people do understand that to get somewhere, you need to make an effort. The comments often come from “I’m going to sneak out of the office early today”-kind of people and could be a defense mechanism, because those people seldom have “luck” in their professional careers. News flash: “I’m going to sneak out of the office early today”-mentality is not a recipe for success. NOONE who has succeeded (that I know of) has ever gone home early! Here is a quote I love that I think everyone should remember for life:

I’ve been surprised by people’s naïveté that hard work isn’t part of the equation. – Gary Vaynerchuk

While Janne is away for 2 weeks, I work. Regardless of when during day or night (I usually turn my day upside down – wake up late, stay up and work late), I put in a solid amount of work hours. I don’t mean that everyone should do that, but… someone who choses to spend 10 hours on a Saturday building their business will have more “luck” than someone who spends 0 hours building their business. Right?

It’s Sunday and the Sunday office is open. We don’t trust luck.