Measurable goals 2019.

magdalena bibik-westerlund goals

Are you preparing your New Year resolutions and new habits? Me too! I honestly love doing that and I do think that it works for me. Some years I’ve done regular resolutions such as “live more healthy”, some years I’ve made habits like “train 3 times/week”. This year I am challenging myself a little bit more. Join me!

Whatever gets measured, gets accomplished.

I have made a list for myself of directly measurable goals to be accomplished this year – everything from revenue from our businesses to Instagram followers on each account to the number of training sessions. To make it even more accountable, I have put it all into one Numbers sheet, so that ever time I open the document, I see exactly… everything. No escaping from that one, haha! 

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S.M.A.R.T. goals and all – this is hard core data. It doesn’t matter to me when during the year I accomplish a goal, only the fact that I get it done. There are no prioritized goals this year, because exactly everything on that sheet is doable (with a good portion of hard work, that is). Financial stuff, health stuff, productivity stuff – fuuuuun! (I seriously think so, call me crazy!)

Join me! And make those 2019 numbers count!