Monday & work from home

It was really meant to start January 1st – my working from home – but I just couldn’t help myself. Plus, today I needed to be here for delivery of the last piece of furniture to the home office 2.o (read more here) Isn’t it cool, this desk? It was also a good bargain, check it out!

Since we often times work Saturdays, and Sundays are the only recharge days, our Mondays tend to start slow, as it did today. Almost nothing gets done here on Mondays before lunch. That is perfectly OK. Today I spent a few hours going through my e-mail and realized that I had some unanswered stuff since… May. Sorry about that, I’ve had too much to do, that is obvious. And also, I have this thing where I always look at e-mails once they arrive and if it’s a bad time, they tend to get forgotten. So one new resolution for 2020 – open e-mails twice a day and make sure to have Inbox Zero on Thursday nights.

Tomorrow I have a cool webinar for an industry dear to my heart and I can’t wait. Zumo and I are home alone today so we’ll be working late and sleeping in tomorrow. It’s OK, the webinar is in the evening. That “wake up early” thingy is… not for me. I predict that I’ll go to bed at around 3 am.


Listen! Today is exactly (this day included) 30 days left of this decade. Make sure not to go to Christmas Break Mode just yet – unless you are all done and on track and hit your goals and have your numbers all right – in that case: good for you! For all the rest of us – remember that this year is not over yet. A lot that can still be done, right?

P.S. Take a look at the signature photo for this post: that is the view from our bedroom. Who wants to go to the office when you have THIS outside your window? Working from home is my thing!

P.s. Did you know that this blog also exists in Swedish? G0 to: