Name Day Flowers and revival of the DSLR.

name day magdalena bibik-westerlund

Name day. Such a forgotten reason to celebrate. Unless you are spending time on the countryside with your awesome neighbors. Because they come with flowers. And that gives you reason to pick up your Canon EOS 7D mark ii that has been asleep for 8 weeks.

I haven’t celebrated “Magdalena’s” much in my adult years. In Poland, name day is actually bigger than birthday, but in Sweden it’s not very acknowledged. Except for one week that is called “Fruntimmersveckan” (Women’s week – read all about it here) and mine is one of those names to celebrate. Do you celebrate your name day?

Personally, I will be celebrating that I have started to photograph again (I didn’t have a crisis or so, I just haven’t made time for it for a while) and I hope that you will enjoy my future images. For now, happy Sunday to y’all. I will have my name day cake next.

And Thank You Dobban for the flowers!

magdalena bibik-westerlund name day