On setting the tone and those little details.

Yesterday, we had this little local event at the office, a small open house for our new Norrtälje acquaintances, mostly just to let everyone know that we are up and running. Just some wine and snacks and an opportunity to mingle. Here is some food for thought:

I decided not to take in catering, but to do the buffet myself. I didn’t want to come off snobby, like the Stockholmer who comes to Norrtälje and thinks she is better than everyone taking in a catering firm (preferably from Stockholm, right?) But I also wanted to show what kind of effort we put into everything we do by doing it all myself. So I put my laptop aside, put on an apren and made this:

There is always a choice (always, always, always) to serve something mediocre OR to wow your customer/visitor/guest/younameit. You are the one setting the tone on how you want people to perceive you, whether it’s through your persona, your behavior, your clothes or canapees you serve at open house.

It’s all in those little details.