One year on the countryside.

Exactly one year ago today we changed our lives completely by moving out from our flat in the Stockholm suburbs and to a house anno 1744 on the Swedish countryside. A decision that a lot of people label as brave, that for us came quite naturally when you think about it. I think that we were just in the right place in life and I was getting tired of all the caps and pieces of glass in the Farsta parks. It all happened quite fast but once we saw the house, there was just no turning back!

The funny thing: we thought that by moving here, our world would get smaller. I mean, we are now 1 h and 15 minutes from Stockholm and our main business was in town. On the contrary… the world got bigger, as we actually opened our eyes to what is outside of Stockholm! So we started Norrtälje Comedy Club and changed the name of the main company to House of Comedy Nordic. Stockholm Comedy Club is not going anywhere, but has a little countryside sibling nowadays and it’s going awesome!

The key to my happiness is to see these two happy! Watching this dog, once tied to a shed, now living his best life makes my days. And as I have both talked on the podcast and written in Instagram, thanks to Zumo and this move I reshaped the way I work. A lot of things that will be happening soon would not have seen the light of day, had we not relocated to Roslagen.

Moving here was one of the best things I have ever done. Nothing we feared would happen happened, and everything we dreamed about came true! If you are thinking about making a big change in your life – DO IT! It might just be your best decision ever!