Constant development of the personal brand

personal brand magdalena bibik-westerlund

There is nothing as changing as your personal brand. With every conversation you have and every decision – big or small – that you make, your personal brand evolves and moves in the direction of your actions. And so it should be. In the world of social media and 3 second attention span, you need to keep up. Refine. And evaluate how you are doing.

In 1,5 month, I will be turning 40 and can’t imagine a better reason to really dig into my personal brand. I take under consideration what I want the brand to represent, and what it gives me as a return on time investment. Do I get the results I hoped and calculated for? Or do I achieve something else. Am I pleased with the outcome?

Everything we decide to invest time in should either bring immediate results or serve as building the personal brand long term. If neither of that happens, maybe things we do are just our own amusement, and the question is – should they be prioritized? Or done at all? For me personally, I have my beloved and popular blog that I work on several times a week. The thing is: what people want to read about the most, is not at all what I want to focus my time on writing. So I have made the decision to kill my darling and limit personal posts to my Instagram Stories (find me here) – and redirect the domain, where the blog used to reside, to the blog page on this site. I will still be blogging. And I can’t imagine that I would take away my personal tone of voice in my posts, but the topics will slightly change. I believe that this will benefit me in the long run and I hope that my readers evolve with me.

I encourage you to check up on your personal brand and see if you are heading where you want to. The half year mark is here and if not for other reason, then why not as a half year evaluation. Let me know how you are doing, I love hearing branding success stories!