Photoshoot with Knut Koivisto.

One week ago I did a photoshoot with one of Sweden’s finest photographers, Knut Koivisto. I have been admiring his work from a distance for a long time and finally got the courage to ask for a session. Plus, I desperately needed new portraits of myself – my latest shoot was done over five years ago.

Photographing with Knut was actually a thing on my bucket list, that’s how good he is. Obviously, his technique is flawless. But as with anything creative, to be the G.O.A.T (I love that term! Google it!), you need to have that magic touch, that little extra that is hard to pinpoint, but that’s just there. Of course, he has it. And you know me – I love hanging around creative superstars! I knew that it would be a pleasant day, but I feel like we clicked from the get go and the session was like hanging out with and old friend. Such a cool human being!

Results are coming soon and I just can’t wait.

During the day, I also put on my creative business thinking hat (couldn’t help myself) and came up with some cool and profitable ideas for Knut’s business. I truly feel that this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Oh yeah, if you ever need a photographer…