Planning for 2020: check!

Are you a planning person? Or do you want to seize the day? If you are anything like me, you love planning! I personally do enjoy knowing what I’m going to do and when to expect larger streams of income etc. But I also NEED to plan, You see… I am not very good at realizing that things take time and that you can’t do everything at once. It has happened (multiple times) that I planned so tight that everything fell apart. “White spacing” is not my strongest skill.

The other day I was watching Amy Porterfield’s masterclass on planning your 2020. This woman knows her stuff! I have gone from being just a fan to a Super Fan, following her every piece of advice. One was to block the entire day to plan you next year (with the help of her world class guide!) – preferably arleady now. That’s what I have been doing today.

My work will change immensely next year as I am giving back the responsibility for House of Comedy to my sweet husband. There are several different reasons for it, but the most important one is that now IT IS TIME for me to focus entirely on Creativity House. I am also moving out of the Norrtälje office and back home (read more here) to be able to focus as I need to. So take a look and tell me what you think:

2020 at Creativity House:

We will be working with 3 digital courses: Creative Business Thinking Masterclass, The Idea Lab and a third one launching in Augusti. I will present a new service and of course I will be speaking both at Axelsons but also publicly on open events. Here is the year in detail (all “secret projects” excluded):

January: launch of a new client service.

February: Lauch Masterclass in English.

Mars: cart closes for Masterclass in Swedish, to open again in september. We “broke the rule of lauching digital courses” by having the cart open all the time, but we kind of relaunch (with a cool LIVE event and then close March 31st).

April: Launch Idea Lab in Polish (so help me god!)

June: VACATION! First time ever, it feels like. Non negotiable this year (that’s why it never happened before – we didn’t follow the rule of not working on vacation). NOTHING will be produced – but even more things will be automated in advance – during the last 3 weeks of June. Nada. Zip.

August: launch of a new digital course both in English and Swedish at the same time. We have never done that before!

October: Launch of Masterclass in Swedish.

November: Launch of Masterclass in English.

That would be enough, right? My opinion is that if you can launch in one language, but are fluent (well…) in three, then you may as well launch in three! Plus, if you have structures and systems, it will get easier with each launch. I think I know how to do it this time – I learned the hard way back in September – plus, I think how to tweak it for the Swedish market.

Anyway, I am really excited for this plan and have a big bold number written down. I am going to go about it my way and if it flies – great! If it doesn’t, at least it will be my decisions and mistakes. If you don’t have a clue that I’m talking about, listen to the podcast episode:  “5 things I learned from launching a digital course” – one of my favorite episodes btw.

Now I am only waiting for the paper planner “Creative Business Thinking 365” to arrive next week. If you are curious about it (because it’s functional, beautiful and mine!), check it out and download it for free here. 2020 – welcome! I am ready for you!