One year with a rescue dog.

zumo rescue dog magdalena bibik-westerlund

Sharing a life with a dog is my default happy state of mind. Due to work, travels and lack of time (and the fact that it’s pure cruelty to introduce an active puppy to an old cat who just wants to have chill golden years) we have been dogless for a long time. That all changed when a rescue dog, doberman/border collie mix named Zumo came into our lives exactly one year ago today, and made July 24th a day to celebrate.

A lot happens in one year. Professionally, I have had quite a challenging autumn season. A lot of online hate and live events that have made this the toughest year yet. And still, the minute you get home from work, it all goes away when you see that sweet face that is just so thrilled to see you. I often say:

I saved him once, he’s been saving me since.

Ok, Zumo is spoiled rotten. I tried to deny it, but I would be lying. He has almost no alone time (sometimes we even make up alone time just to train him to be by himself), world class food, constant play and cuddles, awesome training and undivided attention. But it doesn’t stop there. Adopting Zumo has lead us to some major life changes. We started with changing our small cabriolet for a Volvo the week before Zumo’s arrival – mostly for practical reasons, it’s hard to fit in a dobe and two adults, and any type of luggage into a small Renault. Then we reshaped the schedule of Stockholm Comedy Club into fewer shows per week. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t take away our best sellers. On the contrary, having another responsibility at home made those somewhat tough decisions easier. Profitable evenings, or we stay at home.

Last thing we did was to… move from Stockholm’s suburbs to the countryside. That sounds a little extreme, but the idea has been there for a while, in the “someday” compartment. But the more we thought of how fun it would be for Zumo to have his own yard to play in rather than inner city dog play area, the more serious the search for a perfect house. And perfect is exactly how it turned out. We didn’t go and buy a house for the dog’s convenience, but I would probably not be sitting on the porch of a beautiful 18th century house writing this blog had we not adopted our boy.

You see, I have a personal theory about differences in creating a life for a rescue dog vs a puppy from a breeder. Taking on a dog that was once homeless, I believe that you do whatever you can to make up for his awful past, even if it means overcompensating in some areas (here is an episode of Crazy Dog Lady Podcast – in Swedish – on overcompensating with food). Did we overcompensate? Of course we did! But we did it equally for the whole family and those decisions turned out to be exactly what everyone needed. I think that Zumo is enjoying his life to the fullest and we are so grateful that he pushes our minds in the right direction.

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Here are some very important links for you guys: Hundar Utan Hem that organizes the adoptions and Care Rescue in Cork, that took Zumo in in the first place. You can of course follow Zumo on his Instagram account here.

UPDATE! We recorded a new episode of Crazy Dog Lady Podcast today. Find it here.