ROI vs Nostalgia.

roi vs nostalgia magdalena bibik-westerlund

Ending an idea can be really really difficult. Maybe you got attached to it, maybe what you are doing is for a good cause. I am a pragmatic person who – despite of how hard it might seem – doesn’t have a problem ending something that no longer serves me.

That is why…. Crazy Dog Lady Podcast has to go.

The podcast was born as an initiativ for a Swedish dog rescue organization. We were supposed to talk about dogs that needed extra attention on weekly basis, and of course, have a prominent guest in each episode. In August last year, I decided not to work with the organization anymore and the podcast lost its’ main purpose.

I had the option to stop, or continue. I continued recording and am grateful for every single guest hat I had on, but the ROI that I had decided on didn’t come (donating a huge amount of money to dog charity from listeners). Plus, the consistency of the episodes disappeared since we stopped talking about those dog in urgent need of new homes. After much consideration over the holidays, this is what I decided:

Instead of trying to raise money from others, I will donate a percentage of all my income to dog charity.

Cancelling the podcast does not mean that I stopped care about rescue dogs. On the contrary, I do think that I can spend my time better and generate more money to dogs in need with other actions. Ok, I know, if only one person who listened to the podcast decided to adopt a dog, it would all be worth it, but it’s a long shot. Someone who is not interested in adopting would never find the podcast in the first place.

In the discussion ROI vs Nostalgia, for me ROI wins. I absolutely love recording podcasts, so I will be back with a business podcast from Creativity House. But when it comes to helping rescue dogs, let’s do other things that actually generate hard cold cash, shall we?

P.S. The Etsy shop selling Golden Paw is still HERE. And…. we lowered the price by 200 SEK to kick up the volume of necklaces sold. Check it out and if you are a Crazy Dog Lady (or a Crazy Dog Man) – get one!