For a season, a reason or a lifetime.

During your life you will meet a lot of people. Some will make a short appearance, meanwhile others will stay forever. I am sure that you have been wondering why some stay and others go, I know I have. For me it all came clear when I heard a quote on a podcast recently, and suddenly I didn’t feel the need to overanalyze anymore.

The quote was:

For a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Some people are just like those glimpses of fresh air that come to your life suddenly and with full throttle. You have similar interests, spend a lot of time together and then you just suddenly stop. It’s like a season of your favorite TV-show. Once it’s over, you go on with your life. That is completely OK and nothing to feel bad about. You bring temporary joy to each other and once you’re done – you’re done.

Others will show up to get your through something, guide you through a period in your life. I am not a very spiritual person, so “for a reason” means to me pragmatic things like “to help you make a decision” etc. I’ve had a few mentors over the years and all of them came into my life for a reason. Once that self development was done, we all moved on. That is also perfectly OK.

And then there are those “for a lifetime” kind of people. Those that you should cherish with all your heart. Those that will be there no matter what. Those are the ones who’s opinions really trully matter and who’s happiness is your happiness.

Think about it and see things for what they are. It’s not that dramatic really. If you can value your connections in the right way, you will focus on the important ones and not worry much about those short lived acquaintances. Plus… try to establish what role you fill in other people’s lives – wasting time on a “for a season”-connection thinking that it will last forever will just disappoint you.

P.S. You know who is your most important “for a lifetime” now, do you?

magdalena bibik-westerlund creativity