Teaching Entrepreneurship at Axelsons.

Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund Axelsons

One of my favorite projects yet to date – teaching Entrepeneurship at Axelsons Institute. On Monday I had the pleasure to meet a new class, and man, they did their homework!! Last summer I recorded a series of educational videos for Axelsons about marketing, branding, sales etc and this class had read the workbook cover to cover – and did most of the exercises in advance. What a luxury for a teacher to be able to start at 2.0!

We spent 4 hours together and my last piece of advice was: at the end of the work day, ask yourself the question:

based on the quality of my work, would I hire myself?

If the answer is yes = perfect! If there is a slightest bit of doubt, then something needs to change.

Based on the work you did today – would YOU hire YOURSELF?