The importance of investing in yourself.

I do believe that quite a lot of us are much better at investing in others than in ourselves. I for sure am one of those people. I engage in a lot of self development all the time, but I spend money on my businesses… and the dog. That’s why it almost feels a little uncomfortable, since I am in a middle of a period of solid self investments.

I have booked both a photoshoot and a promotion video for my brand, enrolled in Social Brand Lab, upgraded to Linked In Premium, got a new iPad PRO so that I can work smarter etc. etc. The aim is to take Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund to the next professional level.

You see, if you don’t invest in yourself, noone will. Harsh truth to some, but the fact of the matter is that people hire professionals who are constantly evolving and making themselves better. Sometimes these efforts cost just time, sometimes they need to cost money. I am struggling with it being completely OK to spend 3000 SEK yesterday on iPad accessories (being a minimalist and all) although I know that they will make my work more efficient. Or booking this exclusive portrait session even if those new shots is something I actually really need.

If you are just like me, hesitating to spend money on yourself – try to look at it as a marketing investment. I mean, if you invest XX and it generates XXX – it’s worth it, right? Or maybe, just maybe…. because you’re worth it.