So, I am writing a book…

writing a book magdalena bibik-westerlund

Hello there my dear reader! Let me share some exciting news with you! I am writing a book! A lighthearted fun short book about habits. The idea came to me when I was discussing what it would be like to turn 40 and what advice I would give to my younger self. Bit by bit a format popped into my head and now I’m in the middle of the process. Actually, my time span for publishing this thing is quite short. I mean, how cool would it be to press PUBLISH on Amazon on my birthday?

Actually, I have written one book before, together with my husband. Back in 2013 we published “Världens Roligaste Träningsbok” (World’s Funniest Book on Training – get it HERE) but if there was a competition on the most mistakes when publishing a book, we would have totally won! Joke aside, we did everything wrong, from choosing a publisher to distributing the book. So this time I am a little (a lot) smarter.

For my birthday, I gave myself an all-access-pass on CREATIVE LIVE and the first course I took was Tara Gentile’s “How to write and publish an e-book”. Oh my, if I only knew five years ago what I know now! This course alone was worth the price of the all-access-pass! Thank you for inspiring me to have another go, Tara! You will have a part in all my future books!

writing a book magdalena bibik-westerlund

One of the things I learned in this awesome course is that a launch team is crucial when writing a book. People who will support your effort and share it with their friends when the launch day comes. People who will help you get your message out and push you forward if/when you get stuck. Who will cheer and celebrate with you when the book gets on the best seller list.

Would YOU like to be on my launch team?

If you enjoy my work and would want to be a part of this next project – let me know! E-mail me at and I’ll tell you more about it.

Thank you!

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